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Basement Air System

SuperDry XS High Performance Air Dehumidification in Gwinnett County and Nearby

The SuperDry™XS features an advanced two-stage filtration system designed to maintain clean air within any household. Its prefilter effectively captures large dust particles and can be easily rinsed for regular cleaning. Additionally, a convenient slide-in filter, simple to replace, is capable of removing particles as small as two microns for enhanced air purification.

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The Problem


Mold poses a significant concern, particularly in basements and crawl spaces where ideal conditions for its growth exist. Mold and mildew, both musty-smelling fungi, thrive in environments with high moisture levels. While we refrain from making specific claims about mold prevention before or after the installation of SuperDry XS, it is evident that maintaining lower humidity is a key factor in reducing the likelihood of mold growth. Generally, mold struggles to thrive in environments with less than 55% relative humidity. The SuperDry XS is designed to help maintain your basement below this threshold. It's essential to address any sources of moisture, such as groundwater or plumbing leaks, as part of an overall strategy to effectively combat mold.


Mold spores can cause irritation, especially for individuals with allergies. However, the primary allergen is the fecal matter of dust mites. Dust mites, which don't consume water but absorb it from the air, require relative humidity above 60% to thrive. The SuperDry XS unit effectively lowers relative humidity below 60%, leading to the demise of dust mites.


The Solution

Remove Excess Moisture from the Air

The SuperDry XS Basement Air System is a robust and efficient dehumidifier, capable of handling substantial moisture levels. It efficiently dries the air and automatically directs the water out through a hose, eliminating the need for manual emptying common in traditional dehumidifiers. Despite extracting ten times more water from the air compared to a typical dehumidifier, the SuperDry XS operates with the same energy efficiency.

For finished basements, the SuperDry XS can be strategically placed in the unfinished section and connected via ducts to effectively serve the finished area.

Filter the Air

The SuperDry XS features a dual-stage filter system designed to ensure clean air. A washable prefilter effectively captures large dust particles and can be cleaned as necessary. Additionally, a user-friendly slide-in filter, easy to replace, removes particles as small as two microns for enhanced air purification.

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